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Have you a good notion on what style of sophisticated adult niche seo optimization to utilize to make your web-site rank

In relation to adult websites, the sheer assortment of them is impressive, and every one of them demands a distinct strategy to rank. Hence, we will swiftly go more than essentially the most popular sites and also the method to rank them using adult market seo techniques that we here at adult-ranker.com found to be working best.

Porn tube kinds of web pages

When we’re talking about porn tubes, we know that as a way to get income you will need tons of website traffic, simply because the monetization is performed by affiliate and CPA offers. For this distinct reason, by far the most prevalent adult niche search engine optimization strategy is actually a extended term one, which means no less than 1 year, since it is going to be a extended and tedious course of action to break on #1 for top visitors producing keywords, unless, of course, the site is very effectively niched – which is the exception.

An excellent adult niche search engine optimization technique is one which is according to a very good and sound keyword investigation, creating content material particularly around the keyword you would like to rank more than and over once again. In uncomplicated terms, feel of it like trying to rank an enormous e-commerce web site. You’ll have your landing pages, your categories and your solution pages – solutions which means the videos. Now, the very greatest and most typical adult internet marketing tactic – mainly because when you rely on paid traffic you could have no tactic – is always to silo your site hence pushing your homepage into #1 for all the search phrases you wish to rank on. Moreover, you must bear in mind to create tons of hyperlinks, focusing 70% on naked url and 30% on keyword phrases – all from web-sites within the adult niche as well.

The innovative adult niche website seo needed for escort websites

Based around the nation your escort site is in, you’ll need to make use of a distinctive porn sector website seo method. What you need to know is the fact that if you would like any kind of adult niche search engine optimization method to work you’ll need to start having a really superior keyword study. The following step is to split your keyword analysis into two – brief tail keyword phrases and lengthy tail keywords and phrases that contain the short tail keywords which are the greatest income makers within your niche. Then, start optimizing the web page on long tails as these will help you rank very first around the long tails, but because the lengthy tails contain the short tails in themselves you will be able to rank your internet site on those as well.

A very excellent internal linking technique should be to create weblog articles optimized on longtails to link to your major landing pages. Then, the best kinds of adult niche marketing hyperlinks are pbn hyperlinks and directory submissions – yes, even in 2018 – alongside a ton of hyperlinks from web-sites within your niche also.

Sex toy web site porno search marketing services methods

The majority of the web sites that make a whole lot of money within the adult niche are the ones that sell adult toys and other adult solutions, including pills. Since the web-sites that sell adult pills are an totally distinctive category in themselves, we’ll focus only on websites that sell sex items.

A superb keyword research in the beginning along with a excellent competitors analysis will show you the highly developed search engine marketing for adult niche method you might want to use. So, possess a look at what the competitors does, and also you need to only do it a bit better if you want to rank improved.

There’s sometime a slight distinction, depending around the internet site in itself, but, these are essentially the most typical types of internet sites and advanced search engine optimization for adult sites methods that proved to function time and time again.

Your female escorts in London sees you at her place – how you can behave

Once you booked an high-class London escorts and talked about what you want to have from her, you arrive at her house – so you must pay attention to how you act. Nevertheless, you will discover pretty a number of exclusive escort that inform us how customers do not understand how to behave when they get to their spot. Typically, customers trash the escort’s house. Constantly pick up the trash you have got include. A fantastic instance of trash clientele disposes of badly may be the condom. After finishing the intimate element from the encounter with an high end London escorts, most clients tend to rip the condom off and leave the trash on the high escort service’s nice quilt or comforter. Most high class call girl have a trash can in their location or inform you exactly where to dispose from the condom. Even though a trash can is not provided for, consumers should not assume that they could throw the trash in any spot they’re able to think about.

Excellent high class escorting here https://www.confidentialmodels.com

Throwing the condom on the floor is by no means advisable when you find yourself with an high class escorts in London. This is a pretty undesirable thing to complete. When london high class english escort make up their beds for the subsequent consumers, one issue they usually do not expect to locate can be a applied condom on their bed or floor. Place yourself in the client’s shoes – in the event you see a tossed condom when you are about to have sex with your high class escorts London, you can not possess a good opinion about her. Our recommendation should be to normally ask the fitness model escorts exactly where you may get rid of your condom. Most glamour escorts girls will let you know to visit the bathroom but make certain not to throw anything in the actual toilet. You could wind up flooding the high class independent escorts London toilet in case you do that. Pick up any trash from the floor discretely and dispose of it exactly where the high class independent London escorts told you to. Remember that the female escorts London will not be a maid so usually do not anticipate her to clean following you.

Needless to say, don’t take it that far to merely throw anything in their pockets. There is certainly the other form of consumers that place every little thing on the high class escorts uk table. The rule of thumb when undertaking incall is the fact that if anything you’ve include is trash, dispose of it in the garbage. This consists of meals wrappers, condom wrappers, soda cans, and everything else. Clients need to remove such products and shouldn’t expect model exclusive escorts to clean them. Keep in mind that the cleaner you happen to be plus the improved you clean following you the more the high class escort London is going to would like to see you once again.

This Valentine’s Day – Re-discover the Lost Art of The Make Out

Remember when you first started dating? You couldn’t wait to have that first kiss. That’s because it was supercharged with intention, anticipation, and the unknown. Then, as time passes, the make out completely goes out the window and your erotic connection gets relegated to sex and the bedroom.

It’s time to rediscover the lost art of the make-out…

When you think about making out, you might just think it’s a few french kisses and some heavy petting, but the true art of the make-out is actually about bringing surprise and sexiness into different moments throughout the day and throughout your relationship. It’s less about what you do and all about how you do it. Instead of bringing silly slaps on the ass or quick pecks on the lips, the make-out is about taking a moment to take seriously and savor your connection.

  • Sneak up slowly from behind – gently wrap your arms around your partner’s waist and kiss their neck, bring some breath and bites in between the kisses to spread sensation down their spine. If they are taller than you, you can come up behind them when they are sitting down.
  • Look in your partner’s eyes – and give them a lingering kiss followed by a single, sincere knockout sentence. We heard one in our office last week from a couple who had been together for 10 years, he looked across the couch and said, “I’m just looking at your eyes, they are still the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” As you can imagine this was more impactful than flowers or chocolates.
  • Ignore a movie – put on a movie you both love that you’ve seen too many times. Then, intermittently ignore it while going slowly through the bases. Don’t do more than one base per scene!
  • Recreate your first kiss – This never gets old. After some time it can be hard to see your partner with the kind of fascination and awe you had at the beginning. Taking a minute to recreate some aspects of a first encounter can set the stage for telling each other all of the things you found sexy then and adding some newer additions.

So lovers, this V-day instead of trying to do something elaborate, get back to basics and enjoy the hot, lasting, surprising pleasure of an epic makeout session.

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Awaken Your Body To Magical Cervical Orgasms!

A cervical orgasm feels like deep, pulsing pleasure that spreads across the entire abdomen…sometimes, the whole body.

In October of 2015, I went to see a tantric bodyworker. I didn’t book a session to talk about my cervix let alone experience a cervical orgasm, in fact that was the last thing on my mind…

I was heartbroken having recently gone through a breakup, and I noticed the muscles in my pelvis were tight in response to the stress. My body was definitely saying ‘no’ to sex. My hope was to get some healing and able to go back to feeling some semblance of sexual desire. Little did I know that session would change my life forever.

What emerged was a curious obsession with my cervix. Not because I had a cervical orgasm, but because I discovered my cervix was completely numb.

This puzzled me.

I knew about cervical orgasms, but what about cervical numbness? Surely if my cervix was numb, I must be a long way from feeling heavenly cervical pleasure.

So I went on a mission to awaken sensation at my cervix. I wanted my rightful cervical pleasure and, hopefully, orgasms!

A Surprising Truth About Cervical Orgasms

I started an online group intended for women who also wanted to discover the secret superpowers of the cervix.

While we all have had many orgasms, what I noticed mostly was an epidemic of numb or painful cervixes.

Commonly you’ll hear it’s normal for the cervix to feel uncomfortable. Normal, maybe. But not natural. This is how I learnt that the first step to feeling cervical pleasure is to actually feel something! And if that something is discomfort, that’s what you need to work with.

The rest develops over time.

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Discovering The Hidden Secrets Of The Cervix

During his research on people with spinal cord injuries, scientist and orgasm researcher, Dr Barry Komisaruk, discovered the cervix has its own neural pathway to orgasm. He found out that with cervical stimulation, his subjects could experience pleasure and orgasm via the vagus nerve which does not connect to the spine.

This amazing discovery proves the cervix is a pathway to pleasure and orgasm independent of our other pleasure anatomy. In fact, it is the only organ in the body connected to three sets of paired nerves. It is definitely meant to feel.

What To Expect During A Cervical Orgasm

This is what you can expect to feel during a cervical orgasm.

  1. The cervical orgasm feels like deep, pulsing pleasure that spreads across the entire abdomen…sometimes, the whole body.
  2. Unlike the clitoral orgasm that feels localised and has a build up of tension followed by a release, the cervical orgasm doesn’t follow a linear progression.
  3. Setting it as a goal just activates your sympathetic nervous system and prevents you from reaching it. When you are deeply present, a cervical orgasm takes place in a prolonged, relaxed state while you ride the waves of pleasure…

The first time it happened for me, I was in my hotel room in Rome. I was happy and my heart was completely open. This was another very important factor when deciding to practise and work with my cervix.

For about 20 minutes, I sat still with my finger on my cervix.  Slowly the gentle sensations grew into a deep full body throb; my awareness of any physical limits dissolved and my senses appeared to expand.

This is what makes a cervical orgasm so special: It is spiritually profound, and that is why it is also known as the Tantric orgasm.

What Makes A Cervical Orgasm So Magical?

In the absence of science, the common theory is that the body is releasing DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). DMT naturally occurs in many plants and is the pyscho-active ingredient in the plant medicine, Ayahuasca.  DMT produces intense psychedelic, transcendent experiences similar to those described during cervical orgasm.

Research on rodents suggests it’s possible we also have our own DMT supply that is emitted via the lungs or pineal gland. Because science has dropped the ball on endogenous DMT research, we can’t be sure if this is true.

How Other Women Describe The Mystical Cervical Orgasm

Check out these experiences from women in Self.Cervix :

“I have experienced amazing states of infinity and expansion, images of universal spaciousness, holy peaceful places … in lovemaking with partners and in my solo orgasmic yoga practice.”

“It is an all body experience of elation and bliss in which i am transported to another state and place while also being able to see from above. My thinking becomes very clear and i hear/feel huge concepts to do with the universe, life’s purpose and a sense that everything is as it should be despite how things appear on a global sphere.”

“I am going through a black tunnel and I don’t know what’s happening sort of like a dying and at the same time totally exhilarating. And then also huge expansion and deep deep relaxation. And I was wondering how the world can go on normally and why isn’t everyone screaming about this off the rooftops?”

“Melting and pulsing out into ecstatic timelessness expanded, clear profound, unity being Everything in slow motion pure ecstatic celestial embodied in the void.”

It feels like all edges disappear and I become one with my partner..with the universe, with all that exists.. It feels ecstatic, like I am completely filled with love, completely fluid, open. It’s like everything becomes energy, flowing, connecting..in a state of pure love and joy.. It feels soft and surrendered. When it comes I never want to leave this place…”

How To Reconnect with your Cervix & Feel A Cervical Orgasm

The path to your cervical orgasm depends on where you in your healing journey.

Bearing in mind that it is a non-linear process,  here are four interchangeable steps when experiencing this sublime state:

#1 Awaken Your Sensation At The Cervix

At first, you might find your cervix is numb or uncomfortable, but this will change with dedicated and regular cervical stimulation. When I first began my practise, it took me up to 20 minutes before I started feeling something, so be patient. Over time, the pleasure becomes more intense.

#2 Refrain From Clitoral Orgasms

I know this can be tough! As lovely as they are, clitorial orgasms follow a goal oriented, tension-based process. To experience a cervical orgasm, you have to stay relaxed and prolong your sexual encounters. Giving up clitoral orgasms during this process also trains your brain to start feeling the subtleties of your inner world.

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#3 Give Yourself Time To Get Aroused

You need to be very turned on. When you’re aroused, your cervix moves out of the way allowing for deep penetration. This means getting good at asking your partner for what you want and setting the pace. You need to feel ok about taking as much time as you like.

#4 Attune To Love

Eastern sexuality practices have always linked the cervix with the heart. In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix is the heart point. Whenever I’ve experienced expanded cervical pleasure, I’ve come into my heart. During self-pleasure, I focus on feelings of love. During partner sex, it helps if you’re in love with your partner, but you don’t have to be. Simply tapping into feelings of love is enough to open the channel between cervix and heart.

Cervical orgasms merge sexuality and spirituality so beautifully.

It is, without question, another way to experience the depths of who we are. It blows my mind that the place from which we were born also has the potential to blast us back to experiencing one-ness and love.

It can take a while to break the patterns that prevent cervical pleasure. For me, if the cervix has the potential to show me more of who I really am, all the time and patience is worth it.

Written by Olivia Bryant | Art by Marta Neal

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5 Taoist Practices For The Modern Man

Stronger, yet gentler, the modern man understands that a woman’s beauty comes from within. He knows she cares deeply for her body, mind, and spirit. These taoist practices will help him do the same.

As a modern man, you know to treat your body as a temple.

5 Taoist Practices That Will Help You Master Your Modern-day Manhood

#1 Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Much emphasis is placed on women exercising their pelvic floor muscles, but it’s as important for men.

Regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles keeps blood flowing in this all-important male area. This taoist practice is good for the prostate, too, as contracting these muscles gives it a bit of a massage.

There are two pelvic floor exercises you should incorporate into your fitness routine.

  1. The first one is when you stop yourself from urinating, which feels a bit like lifting your testicles.
  2. The second exercise is when you squeeze hard and deep within your pelvic floor so you can feel your sitting bones move closer together.

The first exercise isn’t one you should do as an on-going practice. Instead, do it when you need to remind yourself what it feels like to contract this muscle group. This muscle memory is important for the second exercise.

For the second pelvic exercise, consider setting a target of three sets of twenty squeezes each day. If you are not sure at first, you may find it easiest to lie down and place your hands on your buttocks to feel this movement. Practice makes perfect so you’ll get the hang of it over time.

#2 Nurture Your Other Sexual Areas


One of the most important taoist practices is to nurture your body as a whole and not just your penis. Here are a selection of Taoist exercises you should consider adding to your routine:

  • Penis stretching: where you hold the base of the penis and pull to the left, the right, then up, and then down to loosen any tight tendons and improve your blood flow.
  • Testicle massaging and tapping, which helps to stimulate your sexual energy.
  • External prostate massage using your finger to rub the perineum in a circular motion.
  • Internal prostate massage, which is a more advanced technique of massaging the prostate via the anus using a finger or a prostate massager.

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#3 Extend Your Self-Pleasuring

There are many obvious benefits of self-pleasuring, including gratification. When you extend self-pleasuring, you also extend the benefits.

Many men tend to have a single focus and that is to come as quickly as they can. When you slow down and broaden your approach to self-pleasuring, you can spread your pleasure throughout the body.

THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND: Premature Ejaculation.. Bye-Bye! 6 Unusual Ways To Last Looooonger

Stimulating the penis is, of course, a central part of self-pleasuring. But there is also so much more to enjoy when you spread your pleasure to other parts of your body. Experiment with touching your belly, chest, thighs, or any part you feel moved to explore. In this way, you turn your whole body into a sexual organ and not just your penis. Imagine that amount of pleasure!

#4 Separate Your Orgasm From Ejaculation

Often, men are under the impression that orgasm and ejaculation happen at the same time when orgasm actually starts before ejaculation.

If you can retrain your body to separate the two, to hold back from ejaculation and enjoy a full body orgasm, you will experience something wonderful, energetic and deeply satisfying. It will take a fair bit of time and perseverance to get there, but the effort really is worth it. This is one of the most ancient taoist practices.

Each man might experience it slightly differently, but essentially it is a shaking and fantastically pleasurable electric pulse that works through the whole body and is especially focused on the spine.

#5 Learn To Control Your Ejaculation


Once you’ve trained yourself to separate orgasm from ejaculation, you’re able to focus on controlling ejaculation.

Controlling ejaculation needs practice and involves a fair bit of masturbation. It starts out as normal self-pleasuring, but when you feel yourself at the brink of ejaculation, hold back.

Then carry on pleasuring yourself until you’re back at the brink and then hold back again.

Repeat this a number of times, each time getting even closer to ejaculation until you decide it’s time to ejaculate. It is inevitable that you’ll go a bit too far every now and then, but with enough practice, you’ll be the master over your ejaculation instead of the other way around.

These 5 Taoist tips will deepen your connection with your inner self while strengthening your outer control. It won’t happen instantly, but with practice, time and patience, you will be the master of your own manhood.

Some of the information has been taken from Rude Magazine | Art from the amazing Thomas Saliot

Much Love, Adina

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Losing Your Reputation in 5 Easy Steps ;)

We were just joking about the 5 Easy Steps, but we do think it’s time to lose the reputation you’ve been trying so hard to protect! So here’s a story by (and about) Celeste that we think will help you find your freedom instead…

When the rumors started

One Monday morning in 8th grade, as I jogged slowly around the block with my fellow students in PE class in the small town where I grew up, one of my classmates jogged up next to me, “So, I heard you gave head to John last night in Nate’s treehouse.” Simultaneously, I felt the wind knocked out of me and my flight response kicked in full-force. I started to run as fast as I could – Looking back now, I know I was trying to run away from this image of me as a girl who would give a blowjob at a party to someone she wasn’t even really dating. Never having been any kind of jock, it was certainly the fastest I’d ever run in PE.

Nevermind that the furthest I had ever gone with a boy was a french kiss and a little touching of my breasts over the shirt. But for the sake of the rumor mill, the fact that I had breasts – really big ones for my young age combined with my flirtatious personality were enough to brand me a slut. When I first heard the news I felt a very strong need to clear up my reputation, to make sure people knew that I had done no such thing. At the same time, I was perhaps lucky to have been born in the early 70’s into a family who had fully embraced being part of the hippie counterculture. It had never been our motto to fit in or be what everyone else thought we should be. My dad was an avid stoner and, by this time, my mom had already begun her career as a Tarot reader.

And I, whether I liked it or not, was going to be seen as a slut. It didn’t take me too long to stop running and to wholeheartedly embrace the slut image. After all, I was really horney. I loved to flirt and feel people’s attraction towards me. Though I didn’t have sex with lots of guys, I started having sex relatively early and had had 5 partners by the end of high school. I also loved to make out at parties and I really, really loved dressing sexy. I liked the attention and I liked showing off my big, beautiful breasts.

Letting the “Good Girl” Go

There was something about losing the reputation of being a “good girl”, (something I still love to be called during sex), that also freed me up from worrying too much about being good in general. We, humans, are complex creatures, and to pretend that all of our motives and actions come from a place of love, generosity, and positive purpose is a lie. What’s more, even when we are coming from a place of love, generosity, and positive purpose, others may still see or experience what we are doing differently. They may even feel harmed by something that we are offering from this place.

The wonderful thing about losing your reputation, early and often, is that you don’t have to be shameful, or guilty, or defensive when you do something from the not-so-full-of-love-and-light part of yourself – from the childish, vindictive, or narcissistic part. And, you don’t have to defend yourself if you are doing something from a place of positive intention and someone else experiences what you’ve done as hurtful. Instead, you can “cop to it”. When you can be honest about not being perfect and you can let go of having to be seen as perfect, you get to be human and you get to be more connected.

So, go ahead and ruin your reputation

Think about it, if you have to defend against, divorce yourself from, or hide from anyone who thinks that something about you isn’t perfect or who is harmed by your best intentions, you will spend a lot of time defending, divorcing yourself, and hiding. If, instead, you step towards people and acknowledge your imperfections and hear their pain.You may even know that they are most certainly gossiping about you behind your back and you can let go of needing that to be different because you can now walk in the world with openness. People may look at you and shake their head disapprovingly saying, “She (or he) is shameless” and you will know that they are right. Turns out being free of shame is not such a bad thing.


  • Photo by Raj Bandyopadhyay

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In Relationships You Need to Mind the Gap

If a relationship lasts long enough, it is inevitable that you will eventually experience The Gap – and the gap gets in the way of so much of happiness. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we take a look at all the problems the gap causes and what the heck we can do about it, we must first define it.

The gap, friends, is that pesky difference between who you first imagined your partner was and the person who is actually sitting in front of you. The gap happens for sooooooo many reasons. To read more about all of the reasons and how you can help couples, click here.

  1. Romantic Projection – you are told so many stories about what love is supposed to be, that it colors the way that you look at a potential partner. In order for them to meet the romantic fantasy of being a perfect match, you only see the parts of them that fit into that picture, or, if you are quite good at magical thinking, you manage to see those parts even when they aren’t there at all!
  2. Marketing – at the beginning, your partner was putting their best foot forward. Because humans are social creatures who know what people usually want in a partner and a potential partner can also read all the signals you put out about what you like and don’t like, when you met they emphasized the things about themselves that fit into this image. In other words, they tried very hard to be what they thought you wanted them to be so that you would like them. Marketing can include hiding the parts of themselves they think you won’t like, slightly exaggerating traits you seem to like about them, or just straight up lying to win your favor.
  3. Circumstance – whenever, however and wherever you met, the activities you were engaging in or they way you were living your life made you seem like you were more compatible than you really are. For example, you met in school where you had so much in common because…you were both going to school!!! Now, you are out in the real world and it turns out that your interests, or how you like to spend your time, or how often you have energy to have sex have completely changed.

We are sure now that you are thinking about it, you can come up with some of the problems the gap causes. It can cause you to think that you were tricked or that your partner used to love you, but doesn’t love you anymore. It can cause you to go on a partner improvement spree, where you try to get your partner to be all the ways that you thought they were. It can cause you to feel like you made a wrong choice and, if you just keep looking, you will find the person that meets all of these needs.

We’d like to offer a different approach  – we’d like you to Mind the Gap, by which we mean, keep in mind that the Gap will be there in every relationship. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wholeheartedly enjoy the beginning where everything feels perfect -being so doped up on hormones and projections that your feet don’t touch the ground is one of the funnest parts of the whole adventure. We suggest you enjoy the shit out of it! At the same time, remember that the Gap will show up eventually and, while we wholeheartedly support you allowing yourself to feel all the feelings, and have all the tantrums (for more on how to have a good, connected tantrum with your partner check out our book Making Love Real) you need to have, we also encourage you to not make the Gap mean that your partner doesn’t love you or that you just haven’t found “the one” or that you can get back to how you (never really) were if you just try hard enough.

Yes, we want you to be Mindful of the Gap, to watch the insidious way that the difference between who you thought your partner was and who they actually are can get between the two of you. Instead of twisting it into some horrible tragedy, we want you to learn how to step over it be accepting the person who is actually sitting across from you and experience real love.

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This Halloween, Let’s Talk About Your Thorny Partner…

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it can be challenging to transition into sex, especially if you are yourself or happen to have a thorny partner. What is a thorny partner, you ask? Great question! A thorny partner is a partner that is both horny and has some prickly challenges with transitioning or getting in the mood for sex. In other words, a person who has two parts inside them, one that really wants sex (the horny part) and one that kind of avoid or feels averse to sex when it first starts (the thorny part). This can be very challenging because the thorny part makes their partner feel rejected, while the horny part feels rejected that their partner isn’t trying harder.

So, how do you deal with Thorniness in your relationship?

If you are the thorny partner the first step is knowing that it is true for you without any judgment. There are so many reasons why people can be thorny and not feel ready to jump right into sex. You may feel in your head and even annoyed after having been focused on work all day. Or, you may also have been brought up in a very shame-based atmosphere around sex so, before you are aroused, there is an unconscious but strong part of you that thinks sex is yucky or trivial. That’s ok, the great thing is that, once you are aroused, this part generally shuts down or switches over to become part of your arousal.

If You Are the Thorny Partner

It will be really helpful to your partner to tell them about your thorniness, so that they know it is not about them. Then, let them know what kinds of things they should do to help you overcome those feelings. Perhaps you will want to ask them if you can run away and they will chase you or if it is ok with them if you are not particularly responsive when they first make their moves, but they should keep going. Also, if there is some way for you to signal to them that you are feeling thorny but you want them to keep trying, make up a shared signal for this!

If You Are the Partner of a Thorny Person

The first step is to try your hardest not to take it personally. It is not a rejection of you, but a residual product of being in an over-worked, sex-negative society. It is important that you know that just because they are thorny, it doesn’t mean that they want you to give up on them. Let them know that you totally understand that it is hard for them to get in the mood and see if they can articulate to you what words or signals mean that they really want you to stop and what words or signals mean that they want you to keep trying and see if they can get in the mood. As long as you have a shared verbal or non-verbal language around this, you can feel like it is ok to keep trying to see if you can move beyond the thorns to the horns!

We hope that knowing there are thorny folks out there, knowing that you don’t have to be ashamed of it, knowing it can be hard on a partner, and having a team approach to it will help you have a Happy, Horny Halloween!!!

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How Cockfidence Helped me Succeed at a Sex Party

“I don’t know who you are, but that strap-on you’re wearing … mmm… just WORKS for you,” I said to her, walking up to her slowly and looking into her eyes. “Oh, thank you,” she replied playfully, “Would you like a kiss?”

We made out for a bit. “Unfortunately, I have to move on,” she pouted her delicious lips and said, pointing to a group of people beckoning to her. Wiggling her shapely ass at me, she asked, “One for the road?” Since she asked nicely, I obliged.

This was such a different play party experience for me

In the past, play parties have been a stressful place. I’ve been the guy who creepily hangs out in a corner looking sad and pathetic because he’s all alone and doesn’t know what to do while everyone else around him is having a great time. I’ve been the guy who has tons of great conversations with women, only to have them fizzle out to a friendly, awkward sputter. I’ve been the guy who’s been rejected many, many times by women who are “only here to watch”, only to watch them 10 minutes later in the throes of passion with another guy.

In short, play parties are like real life – a microcosm of everything that happens in sex, dating, and relationships out there, but at warp speed and on steroids.

Frustrated with the constant rejection and stress that play parties entail, I stopped going to them for over a year. However, as I’ve been working on becoming a sex and relationship coach via the Somatica Training and learning all of the tools that they also teach in their Cockfidence workshop and so my curiosity was aroused. Would I be able to navigate a play party better with all of my new skills? I decided to try it out.

The party was a gorgeous home with a great view, a backyard with a large pool, and hot tub. The centerpiece of the living room was a lovely, bright red set of aerial silks hung from a hook in the ceiling. Several rooms upstairs and downstairs were converted to play spaces. It was a bright, sunny day and everyone was in a good mood.

I arrived a bit early and offered to help with setup. This helped me calm my own nerves down and get to know the hosts and organizers a bit. As more people gathered, I mingled and made friends. I was genuinely interested in who these people were and what drew them here.

Embodiment and being connected to my cock

As I started walking around, I felt a lot more embodied and connected to my desire and my cock. This is part of what Cockfidence is all about. Most of us guys live in our heads. We spend all of our time analyzing and performing, and very little time just being. This might sound a little bit woo-woo and abstract, but it has real consequences. When we meet women, we end up expressing our desire unnaturally and inauthentically. We are constantly thinking about putting on the right performance, trying to be seductive while worrying about doing things right, saying the right line, not being perceived as a creep or a perpetrator, trying to be nice.

News flash: the very effort we put on to not appear creepy is often the very thing that others perceive as creepy in the first place! Creepy is what sometimes happens when there is a disconnect between the different signals we give out. For example, there is a gorgeous woman in front of me that I really, really desire, but in my head, I’m going, “I need to play it cool and nice. Girls don’t like guys who just want sex. I need to show her I’m friendly.” As a result, the vibe I give out is a weird mishmash of desire and shame; creepy some of the time, not sexy all of the time.

During Somatica, we went through many different exercises in connecting with our own body and desire. I learned that being connected to my cock doesn’t mean I have to walk around with a massive hard-on all the time. It means that I can access, and I’m comfortable with my sexual desire. This means that I control better how I reveal it. That desire and the control over the desire is very sexy for women.

Cockfidence is a big mindset shift. being connected and embodied helps me access and express desire better, be more playful, and have an attitude of abundance instead of scarcity. But mindset is not all. A man also needs to have some real skills.

Feather touch: a gateway drug

A couple of years ago, touching a woman felt like an intractable mystery. “It’s too hard!” “You’re tickling me!”. It felt like constant guesswork to figure out what kind of touch a woman wanted. Somatica teaches a number of different sexy touches, and especially the importance of starting with feather touch, or light caressing and escalating from there. During the party, I ran into a really cute redhead. We started talking, and (after asking) I started caressing her arm. Her response? “Well, if you’re going to touch me like THAT, we need to find a better location and I need to take some clothes off!” The light caressing warmed her up and pretty soon, we were in the throes of a really passionate, sexy time.

Feather touch is a superpower. It’s a safe, sensual touch that most women enjoy immensely. It builds trust, and not a lot of men have mastered it. Learn it well, young padawan, and the force will be with you.

To gain Cockfidence you need to you need to learn not only feather touch but holding touch as well as different kinds of sexual attitudes, ranging from very tender and romantic to very passionate and dominant. It helps when a man has all of these tools in his repertoire.

If I did it, so can you…

Play parties can be terrifying if you’re new to them. As a guy, going by yourself can bring up lots and lots of issues: past rejection, shame, fear of being a perpetrator, fear of being creepy. However, it’s also possible with a little bit of work to learn how to have a really fun time, make awesome friends, be playful, and even have some really great sex. Somatica definitely helped me get into the Cockfidence mindset, and I look forward to lots more fun parties in the future.


  • Raj is a professional photographer and a student in this year’s Somatica Training. He is planning to start his own practice as a Sex and Relationship Coach when he graduates!

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You Gotta Have Some Low G Rendezvous

“We are seriously out of practice,” Callie said after plopping down next to her boyfriend Holden. It was a bit of an unusual couple for us since neither of them seemed angry or even that worried about the fact that they hadn’t had sex for the past 2 years. More than anything they were perplexed. Callie added, “In the beginning, our sex was insanely romantic, like every touch and every look and every move was full of meaning and promise.” Holden chimed in, “After a while, that just sort of faded and it didn’t really get replaced with anything.”

“That sounds like some pretty High G sex,” I said laughing.

“Hi G?” Holden queried.

“Yes, it seems to me that the two of you started out with some really high gravity sex, sex where each of you took yourselves and each other extremely seriously. Maybe it’s time for a little bit of Low G Sex, something more playful and less consequential.”

The great thing about Callie and Holden was that they had already come to terms with the fact that sex was going to be different in a long-term relationship. Many couples who are having trouble in their sexual relationship hold so tightly to the early experiences, they never get to find a new rhythm with each other. While we certainly wanted to help Callie and Holden find out how to have the hottest sex they could, we also just wanted to get them back into each other’s orbit again. We wanted to help them re-break the ice.

Low G Sex, sex where you decide that you are just going to get it on without taking it too seriously, can be a great antidote to making sure sex happens in the midst of kids, work, social commitments and all the craziness of everyday life. So, how do you have Low G Sex? First, you need to agree that that’s what you are going to do and that you are both up for it. Callie and Holden loved the idea, and left our office ready to start their next sexual experience with some naked tickling (neither had an aversion) and a pillow fight.

In the next session, they were both red-cheeked as they told their story. “It was ridiculous but it helped so much. We just decided, one way or another, we are going to screw around and get off and it turned out to be a lot easier than we thought. Once we dropped the idea that it had to be the most mind-blowing sex in the world, we both ended up satisfied. Since then we can’t stop laughing about it, we lock eyes and just crack up!”

In addition to pillow fights and tickling, here are some other ways to have Low G sex:

  • Have an Oral Sex Match – see which one of you can last the longest giving the other oral sex. For the man, it is a double challenge because he needs to try to last long as a giver and receiver. The woman just gets to have as many orgasms as she can as the receiver (this is better for couples who won’t take the competitive part of this too seriously).
  • Give Each Other Lap Dances – Make sure you pick your favorite songs and shake and grind your way to Funky Town.
  • Porno Roulette – go to a porn site, each of you think of a sex word, put them together and search away. If you end up with MILF creampie, so be it.
  • Have an Innovative Sex Toy Party – bring out your favorite sex toys (or the ones you’ve never opened) and try to use them in a way their manufacturer did not intend.
  • Play Truth or Dare – and dare your partner to do all the things you want them to do to you. Don’t forget to have them moon the dog or ice their nipples at least once!

Remember in a long-term relationship, if you wait for the perfect time to have perfect sex, you might just wait forever. Letting yourself be silly and more relaxed can keep sex flowing in your lives. Try some Low G sex tonight and blast off…

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