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Sacred Sex: The Difference Between Light and Dark Tantra

Sacred sex is not all kinds of sex, and by learning about the “dark” forces from an energetic perspective, you are able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexual feelings often misconstrued as “sacred sex”.

Sexual energy is very powerful for better or worse and one of the primary control mechanisms for occult hostile forces to feed upon.

In this day and age, there is more and more talk about “Sacred Sex” and “Tantra”. Many of these teachings and workshops help people work through their sexual wounds, trauma, shame, and guilt and that is encouraging to see.

However, as I do more research, I’ve noticed that the emphasis in the Neo-Tantra world is often focused on reaching powerful multi-orgasms, sexual bliss, feeling sexy, having great sex, and an over-simplified idea of “love” and “heart connection”.

“Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at this level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person. These powerful connections, regardless of how insignificant you think they are, leave spiritual debris, particularly within people who do not practice any type of cleansing, physical, emotional or otherwise.” – Lisa Chase Patterson

Sacred Sex vs Neo-Tantra

Education and open discussions about sexuality are very important as part of our healing and awakening journey.

In the end “sex sells”. Be it in advertisements to make you buy a product you don’t need, or as “spiritual teachings” to promise you sexual bliss and potency.

It is important to keep in mind that many of these tantric teachings have become distorted, diluted, and “hijacked” by others to put their spin on things without considering some deeper aspects of our reality.

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Most ancient spiritual teachings have been suppressed and distorted over thousands of years.

Yoga in the modern world has become a billion dollar industry, leaving out immense knowledge of the deeper esoteric teachings. The same has happened with Tantra teachings and sacred sex.

A complete spiritual teaching based on Truth will not only show you and teach you “the way out”. It will also show you the path towards union with the Divine.

True Tantric practices will transform your sexual center and not just the emotional, heart-centered sexuality relating to a partner.

True Tantra teachings will also show you the traps and pitfalls from a non-physical perspective. This “dark side of sexuality” is where occult forces can influence our sexual desires and we may mistake them as our own.

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Why Is it important to learn About The Dark Sides Of Sexuality?

Through the years, the teachings of true Tantra have been fragmented. Much has been omitted to lead the seeker away from the true power of our sexuality that can be achieved when expressed in union with the Divine.

This confusion happens often in Tantra communities, polyamory circles, and “conscious festivals” where people feed off the attention of the other sex. They may engage in sexual feeding and justify “sex addiction” through spiritual terms when, in fact, “something else” is working through them.

By learning about the “dark” forces from an energetic perspective, you are able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sexual feelings often misconstrued as “sacred sex”.

3 Tips For Distinguishing Between Light And Dark Tantra

sacred sex and tantra

#1 Be willing to learn

It’s really a matter of integrity and truth to educate yourself about what disturbs you. That is what “being conscious” implies, especially when attempting to teach others about conscious sex and sexuality.

#2 Be vulnerable, humble, and radically honest with yourself

We are all works in progress and the learning never stops.

#3 Keep an open mind because this is tricky territory

Any Sex Educator or Tantric Teacher who brings awareness to this topic could be labeled a “fear monger” or judged as a “crazy person”.

Conscience, Truth (whatever it may turn out to be) and Aspiration to the Divine are the main ingredients for the sincere seeker, student, and teacher alike who wish to awaken and help others to awaken.

Article by Bernhard Guenther  | Images by Adrian Borda

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Honoring Men’s Moon Cycle

I have come to observe through life, study, and anecdotal conversations that men, too, have their own equivalent to a woman’s “moon cycle” that is related to the release of their “seed”.

Within the theory of Ayurveda, men’s shukra (seed or seminal fluid) is the energetic equivalent to women’s pushpa (the blood of their womb) and sexual fluid (also called shukra).

These fluids are distilled through many days of work from foods and liquids to become a precious, life-creating substance. Although semen is created daily (85 million sperm per day per testicle), it takes 72 to 90 days to develop mature sperm.

No wonder men in the after-flow of a love union are like satisfied, lazy lions, completely reclining, with no interest in doing anything whatsoever—just like women, who feel the need to seriously chill at the onset and during their monthly flow. This is what I call a man’s moon cycle.

Men’s Moon Cycle & The Lingering Lunar Quality of Lovemaking

Putting aside the many theories and practices about men releasing their seed, which is really very individual, seasonal, constitutional and unique to every man, there is a wonderful “lunar quality” that men and women embody after making love.

This blissful post-period of absolute lunar, yin, receptive, relaxed, content, open, and loving space that men enter into, reffered here as their moon cycle, deserves to be honored…particularly by women who are often the ones to start poking that Lion King to get up and do something again.

Ironically, as many women friends admit, we often dismiss men when they are so beautifully resting in their lunar nature, a quality women long to be reciprocated when it’s our turn in the cyclical flow.

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Just as men are often resistant to honor their ladies on their “moon cycle”, when they need the most loving and nurturing support, ladies need to check ourselves if we find we don’t honor men in their spontaneous—but very real release of precious essence—their own “mini-moon.

For those precious few hours, to a few days, these Lions can be adored as “Moon Kings” too. I have yet to meet a man who is not into this idea as they know it to be innately true.

How to Recognize and Honor the “Moon Cycle”

There are similarities and differences between the woman and the man’s experience of the “moon cycle”.

  1. Male and female orgasm naturally produces a cascade of oxytocin and a regenerating rhythmic entrainment between our brainwaves and our heart rhythm. This creates the feeling of a downward stream of bliss that is healing for every level of our being.
  2. The relaxation that follows after reaching this peak is a sacred time for men to experience the healing power of ida nadi,the “lunar current” of our parasympathetic nervous system, by resting in the whole body surrender.
  3. A woman’s sexual release creates the same melting-into-being, but is often energizing. It is not anywhere near as “depleting of essence” as for men; hence the rhythmic differences that can emerge post-union.
  4. Men and women can begin to authentically recognize the beauty of ida nadi within the shukra-pushpa (seed-ovum) release cycle. They can then give that support and love to each other by creating a natural rhythm of serving the Moon King-Queen.

Honoring the Moon King-Queen can be in the smallest of ways of royal treatment, like feeding your queen or king in bed or making a special ojas tonic. Ayruveda recommends warm almond milk with honey and cashews sprinkled on top..yum!

You start to love both being and serving the Moon King-Queen (I made up these titles and they work!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gay, Bi, or Straight, let us learn to love our Moon Queen or King and help evolve our collective culture into greater balance.

By Shiva Rea | Artwork by Martha Neal

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The Magical Power of Semen & How it Can Hijack Your Brain

It seems that the power of semen may be able to hijack your brain! .

Menno Schilthuizen wrote an amazing book call In Nature’s Nether Regions where he explains how the chemical cocktail found in semen can hijack the female brain. The study has only been performed in insects so far, but who knows, maybe soon they will uncover the same magical effects of semen on the human brain?

The Magical Powers of Semen

“We already know that, even in humans, there is more to this substance than meets the eye. It contains proteins that, when mixed together, can forge a mating plug. It also contains sugars as sperm fuel, proteins that protect the sperm cells from the acidic vaginal environment, zinc that keeps the sperm’s DNA in good shape, and chemical compounds that prevent the sperm cells from becoming overly enthusiastic prematurely.

But this list of ingredients is just the tip of the iceberg. Human ejaculates are home to hundreds of different proteins […]. Even in the ejaculate of the lowly banana fly Drosophila melanogaster, researchers have identified no fewer than 133 different kinds of proteins. One hundred and thirty-three! And this excludes the many proteins that are in the sperm cells themselves. […] 

[…]Banana fly researchers are quite confident that some of the ingredients of these biochemical cocktails are involved in a kind of neuropsychological manipulation. They hijack a female’s hormonal system by shutting down her sex drive, causing her to go completely off males for up to several days after having received a load of semen.

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Females that have recently been inseminated start kicking away their suitors or, when harassed, extend their egg-laying tube, which blocks access to the vagina. They even begin exuding a scent that renders them unattractive. All this is induced by semen components that end up in her bloodstream. […] The whole process is akin to leaving a mental mating plug.

How Can The Power of Semen Hijack Your Brain

One of the substances that has  such an “antiaphrodisiac” effect is sex peptide, a small protein molecule—small enough to pass straight through the wall of the vagina into the female’s bloodstream—that is produced in the glands that sit next to a male fly’s genitalia. […]

The sex peptide that is floating free in the semen does its work quickly: even before mating is fully over, it has already seeped through the vagina wall into the female’s blood where it makes the female’s interest in other males plummet.

The initial shot of sex peptide causes females to give males the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, the sex peptide that sits on the sperm tails is beginning to break free, sustaining a steady IV drip of antiaphrodisiac that lasts for about a week—enough time to give the sperm a free passage, unchallenged by other males’ sperm.

The Secret Is In Semen’s Chemical Cocktail


Sex peptide is only one of the multitude of chemical compounds in semen. What do the rest do? Well, research in other insects can give us an inkling of what such substances might be capable of.

The semen of the American fire beetle Neopyrochroa flabellata, for example, is spiked with the poisonous compound cantharidin known as the infamous aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly”.

Another substance, the protein PSP1, is ejaculated by the male corn earworm moth into his mate and there immediately shuts down the production of pheromones, meaning that other males (which totally rely on scent) can no longer find her.

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And then there’s Argas persicus. In this tick, believe it or not, the male produces a soda-bottle-like spermatophore from his genitalia, takes it into his jaws, bites off the cap, and then sticks it, neck first, into the female’s vagina. […] And at least one of these contents is a compound that cranks up the female’s egg production rate—which may mean more offspring to be sired by these sperm.

What’s So Special About  Semen

This makes one wonder whether some of the many proteins in human semen could have manipulative effects. If they do, this would be one way to explain the results of a study by Gordon Gallup and Rebecca Burch, where they had almost three hundred female students fill out questionnaires relating to sex and mental health.

The results showed that women who always use a condom, and so are protected against the effects of proteins in the semen, score almost 50 percent higher on a scale of depression-related symptoms than women who never use condoms, which might indicate (but doesn’t prove) that substances in semen interfere with the female nervous system.

There is also evidence that pregnant women who have unprotected sex with their partner during pregnancy are less likely to suffer from so-called preeclampsia than women who use a condom.

This might mean that substances in the semen take over part of the regulation of the woman’s immune system.” In Nature’s Nether Regions by Menno Schilthuizen

Crazy isn’t it?

Studies like this, show us how much we still don’t know about the ways in which sex influences our brain. But it is definitely clear that making love has a profound impact on us physically, emotionally, and mentally. That is why is can make you “lose your mind” and it can feel so incredibly surreal.

Please, share with us what do you think about the power of semen & Menno Schilthuizen discoveries.

By Menno Schilthuizen  | Featured Artist: Thomas Sailot

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The Secret To Deep Connection With Your Partner

In order to have a deep connection, you need to expose yourself completely.

Intimacy is often mistaken for physical closeness, such as hugging, cuddling, kissing, and sex. Yet, if there is no deep connection & emotional intimacy, physical intimacy can only go so far.

For many people, physical intimacy comes easier than emotional intimacy. To truly open up to a partner, we need to feel safe. We need to be able to share our fears, mistakes, and pains.

In order to create a deep connection with your partner, you need to be able to connect deeply with yourself first.

If you are not comfortable with yourself, you cannot fully receive someone else. No matter how hot the sex, if emotional intimacy is blocked the relationship becomes limited.

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Our bodies provide constant clues to help us distinguish between what is safe and what isn’t. The more we are in touch with our bodies, the more we can receive these clues.

There are many ways to get in touch with our bodies. Bodywork, Yoga, Pole Dancing, Dance, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, for example, help to increase self-awareness and sensitivity to the energetic clues of our environment. It also helps to release energy blocks, stress, and trauma that is manifested in our bodies from our past and through daily living.

Awareness of our bodies also connects us to our vulnerability.

When it comes to intimacy, our deepest feelings are often buried under layers of “armor”.  They are not easy to access so we rationalize these deeper sensations away. We then judge ourselves for not feeling safe enough to open up.

Don’t listen too much to the mind. Trust your body and don’t judge yourself for what you feel.

So, What Exactly Is a Deep Connection?

Emotional intimacy goes hand in hand with trust. It is knowing that our vulnerabilities will be received with compassion and empathy.

It starts with being compassionate with ourselves. We need to love ourselves – the dark and light – neither inflating or diminishing ourselves in any way.

It entails providing a safe space for our partner to express their vulnerabilities

Sometimes, we’re unconsciously looking for a “savior” instead of a partner, but it is a projection of what we have denied ourselves: healthy self-love, vulnerability, and inner safety.

We need to give to ourselves first or we will keep looking for the illusory partner.

3 Easy Ways to Develop Self-Love & Deep Connection


Living in a world with ever increasing technology, we have become more and more disconnected from our bodies. Here are 3 simple ways for overcoming the main barriers to a healthy self-love.

#1 Avoid Excessive Use of Technology

We are glued to our laptops and smartphones and therefore have become unaware of how we carry ourselves.

It makes sense, then, that the less we use technology, the more we open ourselves up to self-awareness.

#2 Learn About Emotional Intelligence

Mainstream education doesn’t teach us about body awareness and how to listen to our intuition. We reward rational intellect but have forgotten to nurture our emotional and physical intelligence.

Caring for your emotional intelligence and making it part of your lifelong learning will help you develop yourself and build intimate relationships with others.

#3 Still Your Busy Mind

Most of us are so out of touch with our bodies that we miss the messages that could help us to make wiser decisions. Our rational mind tends to over-ride the subtler impressions, such as the gut feeling, and the energetic clues that are perceived by the body.

Pay attention to your thoughts. When you find yourself being overwhelmed by what’s on your mind, it may be time to bring out the yoga mat.

When cultivating emotional intelligence and intimacy, remember that a healthy body-mind is the foundation for good health and relationships: physical, emotional, and mental. When we’re truly honest with ourselves about what we need, it becomes easier to be honest with our partners. Everybody wins.

By Bernhard Guenther |Featured Artist: Dela Canvas

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Heal Yourself by Talking To Your Body

Every part of your body has its own consciousness…its own soul, and if you understand this, you can heal yourself.

Spoken by indigenous medicine women, these transformative words began my journey within myself to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body.

I thought, “Can my body hear me? Can I talk to it to gain its cooperation in healing this condition?”

When this perspective was introduced to me, I was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder & I suddenly imagined incorporating this concept into my meditation routine.

That night, after reaching a state of deep calm through meditation, I inwardly engaged my body in a heartfelt conversation. I had hope, but no idea what to expect. Then something amazing happened.

After about one hour of this focused communication, my tissues began to respond. Connective tissue pulled and stretched apart layers of scar tissue. Nerves fired and my calf muscles began to perform flexion and extension exercises independently of my conscious control.

As this response continued, one of my calf muscles that had become paralyzed by the neuropathic condition — diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy— came back to life as electric-like jolts shot through the area.

My heart pounded as I realized that the path to my freedom from this painful condition had finally begun.

4 Guidelines That Can Help You Heal Yourself Dynamically

As I continued to make progress with my condition, I organized my approach into a system that I could teach. I have found that when communicating, there are 4 key guidelines for gaining the cooperation of your body in order to heal yourself:

#1 Train the brain to enter alpha and theta brain wave states through regular meditation. While in these states, communication between the conscious mind and the physical body is dramatically enhanced.

#2 Approach your body with genuine compassion, understanding that it is made up of conscious cells.

#3 Build trust by engaging your body in mental conversations about your desire for the two of you to cooperate and overcome the ailment in order to heal yourself.

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#4 Allow changes in the conversation by using different thoughts and words that elicit spontaneous elevated emotions.

From my experience, the above guidelines are necessary to achieve dynamic responses in the body, which may help you heal yourself.

The Magical Power of Intention & How It Healed Myself


I recently came across a similar discovery by researcher, Cleve Backster, who spent 36 years studying biocommunication in plant, animal, and human cells. He identified three factors that need to have present to communicate with your body: intent, attunement, and spontaneity.

His discovery came about when he decided to monitor the Dracaena plant in his lab utilizing polygraph equipment. He attached the electrodes to a leaf and began to think about ways that he might induce a surge in electrical activity in the plant. In humans, this surge in electrical activity is associated with intense emotions.

He suddenly imagined burning the electroded leaf.

The same instant this idea entered his mind, the polygraph pen shot to the top of the chart showing an extreme reaction on the part of the plant. Did the plant react to the idea of being burnt? So it appeared.

Amazed, he walked to his secretary’s desk to retrieve a set of matches while pondering the possibility that this plant was somehow detecting the force of human intention.

When he returned with the matches, the plant was still showing the same high level reaction. Because this would interfere with tracking additional changes on the chart, Backster decided to “remove the threat” by returning the matches to the desk.

In response, the chart displayed a downward trend as the plant apparently began to calm down.

When Backster attempted to repeat the same results by pretending that he was going to burn the plant, there was no reaction. The plant seemed to sense the difference between real and artificial intent.

He also discovered that plants become attuned to their primary caretakers, responding to both their positive and negative emotions and to their return after being away for a time.

Signs of Consciousness In Human Cells


Backster later expanded his research to include testing human cells for signs of consciousness.

He collected white blood cells from human donors, electroded them in a test tube and then recorded the cells’ reactions as the donors experienced different emotional states.

His research into cellular consciousness in humans uncovered three amazing facts.

#1 The Emotion Has To Be Sincere

For instance, if a donor forced herself to feel an emotion, the cells would not respond. However, when she received a distressing phone call from her daughter, the cells reacted significantly.

#2 Distance Does Not Matter

He noted that distance seemed to be irrelevant in these experiments. For example, a donor left his electroded cells behind in the lab, then kept a detailed log of any stressful emotions experienced on his trip home to another state, such as missing a turn on the freeway, standing in a long line at the airport, and the take-off of his plane.

Later, his logged incidents compared with the chart recording showed strong correlations between the timing of the stressful events and the electrical reactions in his cells. The chart became quiet again when he arrived home and went to sleep.

#3 There Is Still So Much We Don’t Know About

These experiments were conducted while using equipment that screened out electromagnetic radiation — the usual energies used for information transmission. The cells behaved as if the screens weren’t there, suggesting that this communication is carried by a field still unidentified by conventional science.

This scientific phenomenon points to the Eastern concept of oneness, which is the view that all of nature is interdependent. Ancient cultures understood this interconnection as a living universal energy field that sustains life while guiding the evolution of consciousness throughout the universe.

The meditation techniques I practice bring the mind into attunement with this universal energy field.

Energy from this field is then focused into a physical healing event through clear intention — delivered by means of a conversation that evokes spontaneous emotions — and attunes the physical body to the conscious mind.

By bringing this knowledge into your own meditation practice, you can experience the raw creative healing ability generated by an alliance of the mind and body with this living universal energy field.

By Therese Wade  | Featured Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau

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